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July 4, 2017
Welcome this week a contribution on the learning opportunities offered through STEM experiences in early childhood education settings and 8 industry blogs you should be reading.
STEM is boring …or is it?
This week we are pleased to offer you an article on the power of STEM experiences in early childhood settings, written by Heike Schneider from Little Scientists Australia.

Do you think science is difficult and boring, and wonder if anyone would ever explore science just for the fun of it?

You know what – I used to! When I think back to my school years filled of maths, chemistry and physics …oh my, it was dreadful. I recall endless lectures, scary formulas and so many terms and expressions I did not understand. Instead of engaging in scientific exploration, I was put off.
8 awesome early childhood blogs that will make your life easier
The worldwide web is an amazing thing: ask any question in Google and chances are you’ll have your answer quick smart! As well as being a seemingly bottomless source of information the web is also a wonderful source of community, support and inspiration and as such is an enormously valuable resource for early childhood providers.

As we all know, the working life of an early childhood carer is infinitely rewarding, but simultaneously exhausting and challenging. Working with parents and children all day everyday requires patience, creativity and a complicated combination of social and communication skills.
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