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February 14, 2017
Welcome, this week breaking news on changes to the NQF, which hopefully mean less red tape, research on language development which shows babies may start communicating earlier that thought and host of cheesy Valentine’s Day craft activities to try today.
Changes to the NQS
Less red tape & fewer elements
Australian, territory and state education ministers have agreed on changes to the National Quality Framework following a review of the National Partnership Agreement on the National Quality Agenda for Early Childhood Education and Care that began in 2014.

The ministers agreed on the importance of maintaining quality outcomes for children, while balancing the needs to reduce red tape and unnecessary administrative burden for providers
Promoting Language Development In Babies
Researchers from the University of Manchester have shown that babies may start communicating earlier than many people assume, through basic gestures such as pointing and holding up objects to share, and that these actions are often overlooked by caregivers missing valuable opportunities for communication.

The researchers showed that when carers engage with the sharing behaviours and talk to babies about the things they are interested in it can enhance language development.

The researchers based their findings on observations of 'sharing and giving behaviours' in 24 10-month-old babies.
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Valentine's Day: Craft ideas
Love is in the air, everywhere I look around… Valentine's Day is one of those cheesy American traditions which can provoke strong reactions in people.

Whatever your opinion of this most flimsy of 'holidays' it is impossible to avoid the heart shaped balloons and cards and cutesy teddy bears which start appearing in shops as early as January. To help put some love in the air in your service we thought we'd inspire you with some Valentine's Day craft activities.

Felt hearts little fingers will enjoying the challenge of sewing the beads and bling onto this sweet little heart shaped gift.

Handprint hearts perfect for the youngest kids in your service, this messy activity will be fun for everyone.

Sun catcher heart these pretty little collages are a very satisfying activity and look lovely hung against a glass window.

Coffee filter rose kids will enjoy watching the paint soak into the porous coffee paper to create these little roses.

Tissue paper rose another variation on the paper flower theme, the children will enjoy making a brightly coloured bunch of flowers for a loved family member.

Valentine crown a flexible activity which can be scaled up or down depending on the interests and abilities of the children in your group.

Pipe cleaner hearts good for promoting fine motor skills this simple activity uses beads, pipe cleaners and ribbons to great effect.

Lovebug this project requires a few more materials but results in a sweet little bug which would make a lovely gift for someone special.

Heart wreath this could easily be a whole of service activity, cut out a heart for every child in your service, have them write their name on it then together create a large heart shaped collage.

Valentine's Day card melt the hearts of parents by having children create a special homemade card for presentation on Valentine's Day.

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