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August 22, 2017
Welcome, this week is National Book Week with the theme 'Escape to Everywhere' and we've chosen 9 amazing books about escaping and adventures you might like to share with the children in your service. Also, how to conduct staff evaluations and why you should.
This week (18-25 August) is The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Children's Book Week.

Each year, across Australia, The CBCA brings children and books together to celebrate Children's Book Week. The festivities happen in libraries, book stores, schools and early childhood settings and there are often book parades, story time sessions and special displays.

The theme for this year's Book Week is Escape to Everywhere, which is all about the power that books and storytelling have to transport children on adventures and expand their horizons. A story with lavish illustrations can unlock a young child’s imagination and expose them to ideas, people, cultures, experiences and places which might otherwise be unavailable to them.
Staff evaluations:
Why to and how to
The day-to-day professional life of an early childhood director is undeniably rewarding, but also long and tiring.

Amidst the hurly burly of caring for children, the on-going paperwork and managing relationships with parents and caregivers there isn’t much time to stop and have a cup of tea, let alone pause for professional reflection.

Many of the directors we have interviewed over the years pride themselves on offering staff professional development opportunities intended to improve staff retention rates and ensure staff are constantly learning and improving their practice.
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