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August 15, 2017
Welcome, this week how to proactively handle negative reviews when they are posted online and a new resource to help early childhood education and care providers keep kids safe.
Turning negative reviews into positive outcomes
Maintaining an online presence via a website and/or social media profile is critical for early childhood service providers in today's economy. Conducting online research before purchase has become a standard part of consumer practice and ensuring you keep your website and social profiles up-to-date, relevant and interesting is a sure fire way of converting browsers into buyers in the real world.

For parents searching for early childhood services the choice and information can be overwhelming, especially for first timers, and many rely on reviews from other parents to inform their decision making process. This can be great for business owners, but can also be problematic if there are negative reviews about a service online.
Keeping kids safe
New guide to inform practice
In Australia, injuries are the number one cause of death among children over the age of one with a cost to the nation of over $212 million each year, and a mean cost per child of $3,119.

In NSW alone, around 60 children (aged 1-16 years) die as a result of an unintentional injury, and a further 20,000 are hospitalised every year.

In an effort to counteract these horrific statistics and to keep children safe, a new resource known as the Child Safety Good Practice Guide has been launched.
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