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September 27, 2016
Welcome, this week learn about a new research project which has kicked off in Tasmania, which aims to improve outcomes for children through reducing gaps in early childhood and a host of spring themed craft ideas.
New research project
to ensure no child is left behind
A ground-breaking research project, which will track the progress of 12,000 children from birth to age 5 aims to ensure every Tasmanian child receives the best possible start in life is underway in Tasmania.

The Telethon Kids Institute and the University of Western Australia have partnered with researchers from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research and the School of Social Sciences at the University of Tasmania and three Tasmania government departments to identify what services are most valuable to families to support the health and wellbeing and education and care of their children.
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Spring themed craft ideas
Spring is here. This month we celebrate the return of the warmer weather with a selection of craft ideas inspired by the season of spring and the themes of growth, colour and regeneration following the hibernation of winter.

Make a wish you'll need a good sized bunch of dandelion seed puffs for this activity.

Recycled flowers create a gorgeous bouquet of brightly coloured flowers using old magazines.

Egg carton caterpillar this quick and easy project is a fantastic way to use up all those egg cartons.

Folded paper butterflies use brightly coloured paper and pipe cleaners to create a swarm of pretty butterflies for the walls of your service.

Raindrop umbrellas with spring comes showers. This fun project is a good way to tie in some teaching around the changing seasons and what weather patterns can be expected.

Sunny days and rainy days another weather themed project, this activity can be scaled up or down depending on the age and stage of the children.

Thumbprint hyacinth although hyacinths are traditionally purple, these sweet little flowers would look great in any colour of the rainbow.

Giant rainbow collage this is a wonderful mural idea which a group of children would enjoy making together. Simply source a bunch of brightly coloured objects and sort them by colour and watch the magic happen.

Rainbow wind catchers another activity for the rainbow lovers. This one uses paper plates and crepe paper to great effect.

Blossom trees create a forest of beautiful spring trees, using either dot painting or thumb prints.

These craft ideas were originally sourced on Free Kids Crafts, The Imagination Tree, A Pretty Cool Life and Activity Village.
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