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September 13, 2016
Welcome, this week research that shows pre-schoolers are not physically active enough while in early childhood services and a timely reminder on the recommended activity guidelines for children in early childhood.
Boosting physical activity in early childhood
A pilot study which found that 82 per cent of children who attend early childhood services were not meeting national physical activity guidelines has prompted the University of Western Australia to team up with the early childhood sector to find ways to boost physical activity.

Dr Hayley Christian from the University's School of Population Health said the new research would look at how professionally developed activity programs in early childhood services and upgrades to outdoor play spaces at the centres impacted children's physical activity.
Early childhood professionals
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Activity guidelines for early childhood
Physical activity is an important component in maintaining overall health and wellbeing and low levels of activity can increase the risk of a person developing heart problems, obesity, diabetes and other health issues.

The benefits to young children of being physically active are numerous and may include:
  • Enhanced development of gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Improved balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and overall physical confidence
  • The development of strong bones and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved ability to maintain a healthy weight
  • Better sleep and rest times
  • Promotion of social skills such as team play and sharing
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