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Child Care Industry News
May 24, 2016
Welcome, this week learn about Start Early an early childhood initiative designed to help children build healthy and respectful relationships for life and some tips and tricks for helping children develop better self regulation skills.
Helping kids have healthy relationships for life
Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has launched Start Early, a professional learning package designed to help early childhood education and care providers support young children to develop healthy relationship patterns for life.

With financial backing from the NSW Government the long-term strategy aims to prevent family and domestic violence by helping educators explore and understand how everyday behaviours and attitudes shape a child's lifelong relationships.

According to ECA, Start Early was developed to help early childhood educators and teachers explore how everyday behaviours and attitudes shape young children's relationships for life. The intervention has been designed for use when children are young, when their attitudes, skills and behaviours are forming, to prevent domestic and family violence in the long term.
Early childhood professionals
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Strategies for promoting self-regulation in preschoolers
Self-regulation in young children is the ability to monitor and manage thoughts and behaviours. It helps children focus their attention, control their emotions and manage their behaviour.

Children develop self-regulation skills as they grow, and progress can be affected by social, emotional and cognitive factors as well as a child's personality and their relationships with parents and carers.

Children with well-developed self-regulation skills often find it easier to solve problems and cope with challenges and problems. They may also find it easier to settle into school life, which is why the early childhood setting is such an important environment for establishing good foundations and habits for life.
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