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Child Care Industry News
May 17, 2016
Welcome, this week learn about Forest Schools, the new wave of early childhood services sweeping the UK and Europe and meet Nina Taylor director of Little Kingdom Child Care in Sydney.
Forest schools
The early childhood trend sweeping the UK
In an effort to reconnect children with the natural environment and more experiences to be outside an increasing number of outdoor only and forest schools have opened across the UK.

These early childhood settings are located in woodlands and paddocks and children learn through outside play based learning experiences all year around. Some of the schools offer pop-up indoor spaces for the most extreme weather conditions (and for naps), but for the most part all of the learning, playing, eating and toileting happens outside.

Typically the forest schools have a fire pit, plenty of trees to climb, a selection of tools and outside equipment the children can use, a toilet tent and access to a fenced off area of woodland where the children can roam.

In addition, many of the settings have a nomadic approach so the children regularly experience a different location.
Early childhood professionals
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Child care person in the spotlight
Nina Taylor
What is your full name?

My full name is Nina Taylor and I have just recently joined the thirties club.

Which service do you work in? How many staff and children are in your service?

Currently I am working at Little Kingdom Childcare, Georges Hall. I will be transitioning over to Little Kingdom's latest child care centre at The Rocks, Sydney when the new service opens in May.

Little Kingdom Georges Hall is licensed to have 34 children a day and we have a team of 8 including myself. Our new centre in the heart of Sydney will have 90 children and approximately 22 staff so I am looking forward to the new challenge of providing for a greater number of families and staff and providing an outstanding experience for all.
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