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Child Care Industry News
March 8, 2016
Welcome, this week learn about ACECQA's occasional paper which reveals how well services are performing against Quality Area One and strategies for enforcing exclusion policies in your service.
Enforcing exclusion rules in early childhood settings
A UK nanny agency recently surveyed 1000 parents and found that 86 per cent of them admitted to sending a child back to an early childhood setting before they had fully recovered from an illness.

This practice causes a world of problems and pain for early childhood professionals and other families and, despite clearly stated exclusion policies, enforcement can be complicated.

As you know, early childhood settings offer a fertile environment for the spread of germs and the number of variety of bugs circulating at any one time is mind-boggling. There's the usual run of unnamed viruses which cause lethargy and general misery through to nits, worms, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, gastroenteritis, measles, mumps, tonsillitis, whooping cough, scarlet fever and hand, foot and mouth.

Staying Healthy in Child Care offers useful guidelines on exclusion periods for children who have been sick and when they should be kept home or should be sent home. The problem is parents are often unaware of these guidelines or ignore them.
Early childhood professionals
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ECEC providers get the gold star against quality area one
ACECQA has released the first in a series of Occasional Papers, which it says was prepared to provide insights into how well education and care providers are doing against various elements in the National Quality Standard.

ACECQA's first Occasional Paper has been released and offers insight into how well early childhood education and care services are performing against Quality Area 1 – Educational Program and Practice of the National Quality Standard.

Quality Area 1 requires education and care services to have an educational program that meets a child's individual learning and development needs and works to ensure the knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests of a child are incorporated into the program with continuous assessment of a child's learning and development.

The paper draws on the reports of the authorised officers and the NQA ITS and examines the pattern of quality rating across service types, socio economic and remoteness classifications, jurisdictions and management types and it also offers some possible explanations for the results.

The paper says that since quality rating started in mid-2012, more than 11,000 education and care services have been rated, representing nearly three-quarters (74%) of all currently approved services in Australia.

Of these 77% of services were rated as Meeting or Exceeding NQS in Quality Area 1 (Meeting 50%, Exceeding 27%) and Victoria had the highest proportion (87%) and the Northern Territory the lowest proportion (36%) of services rated as Meeting or Exceeding NQS in Quality Area 1.

To read the paper in full click here.
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