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Child Care Industry News
June 28, 2016
Welcome, this week new research to suggest using food rewards on young children can lead to emotional eating in later life and International Mud Day 2016, a great excuse to open a mud kitchen in your service.
Let's get mucky
International Mud Day 2016
International Mud Day 2016 happens on Wednesday 29 June and is a great way to celebrate the wonderful sensory experience of… you guessed it MUD. Luckily for us in Australia, International Mud Day happens slap bang in the middle of winter so there is usually plenty of moisture around which makes it easy to mix up a batch of the good stuff.

International Mud Day traces its origins to the 2009 World Forum for Early Childhood Care and Education in Belfast when two members of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children, Gillian McAuliffe from Western Australia and Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal discussed the challenges children faced when playing in mud in each other's context.
Early childhood professionals
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Can food rewards lead to emotional eating in later life?
New research out of the UK suggests that using food as a reward or treat may cause children to rely on food to deal with their emotions later in life.

The longitudinal study of parents and children, conducted by Aston, Loughborough and Birmingham Universities, looked at different feeding practices and how parents use food with children between the ages of three-five. The researchers then followed up with the children when they were aged five-seven to explore whether earlier feeding practices influenced the development of emotional eating in children.

The researchers assessed how likely the children were to eat snack foods, or play with toys, when they were not hungry but were mildly stressed. The results showed that children were much more likely to emotionally eat at ages 5-7 if their parents had reported using more food as a reward and were overtly controlling with foods when the children were younger.
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