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Child Care Industry News
July 5, 2016
Welcome, this week new research to show early childhood providers could do with support to build their nutrition knowledge and how to make the most of these wet and rainy winter days. Happy NAIDOC Week.
Boosting nutrition information
Early childhood educators have poor nutrition knowledge and could do with more resources and support to build this knowledge, according to a survey conducted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The survey of more than 1,740 early childhood educators from long day care, family day care and kindergartens across Queensland found only two per cent of those surveyed answered all 11 nutrition questions correctly.

Researcher Phoebe Cleland from QUT conducted the survey and said many early childhood education and care providers could do with more support to build their nutrition knowledge but that they may not be aware of this, with many of them saying they felt confident in this area.
Early childhood professionals
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10 top tips for having fun in the rain
One of the many great things about living in Australia is our relatively short and mild winter and it's rare for early childhood providers to have to keep children inside all day due to cold weather. Rain, however, is another matter and most education and care providers will encourage children to come in when the rain comes down.

What a shame. Rain offers a plethora of play based learning opportunities for children and with the right gear (jackets, boots, hats) children will hopefully avoid complete saturation as they experience a downpour. It's also a good idea to gather a bundle of towels and jackets to keep close to the door for when you come back inside so the children can be dried off and if necessary changed quickly.

Obviously it would be in appropriate to keep children outside in the event of thunder, lightning and/or extreme wind, however a rain shower is a wonderful learning opportunity for children and there are many activities you can try. Hopefully this list will inspire you to head outside the next time it pours near you.
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