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Child Care Industry News
July 19, 2016
Welcome, this week new research to suggest infants should be given vegetables before fruit when they start complementary feeding and how to ensure the children in your service rest well during naptime.
Helping children rest well
Under Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standard Children's Health and Safety early childhood education and care providers are required to ensure child's comfort is provided for and there are appropriate opportunities to meet each child's need for sleep, rest and relaxation.

To this end many providers have centre policies on rest and sleep which they maintain and communicate to parents. Despite this, disagreements between parents and providers with regard to sleep and rest are common with many parents requesting that their children be kept up during the day to ensure they sleep at night. However, most providers would be reluctant to keep sleepy children up and as far as the NQS is concerned ensuring children can sleep when they need to is as important as offering them healthy food and safe play environments.
Early childhood professionals
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Vegies before fruit for first feeds
Increasing media attention to the issue of childhood obesity has led to greater understanding about the important role of fruit and vegetables in our diet, yet most people, especially children, still do not eat enough of these foods.

New research from the UK suggests that weaning children to vegetables could be an important way to encourage healthier eating as food preferences are set early and track for life.

The review of evidence conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation shows that our intake of vegetables and fruit are not high enough because people simply don't like them as much as they like other food options. However, the researchers have shown that exposing children to vegetables as early as possible, and preferably when they start eating food in addition to having milk, is critical as children readily accept new foods and quickly learn to like them.
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