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August 30, 2016
Welcome, this week an article on why inquiry-based STEM education is so important in early childhood and wider society by Heike Schneider from Little Scientists and a selection of Fathers' Day craft ideas, which make great gifts.
STEM education
By Heike Schneider
'I caught my favourite Pokémon today. I am off to the Poke-Gym to train it'. These were my friends' last words before he rushed out of the door. I stayed behind and - slightly confused - decided to go to a real gym to train myself instead of some virtual creature. On my way, I could not help but wonder how much our world has changed since I was a child. And for the record, I am really not very old.

I remember taking a book with me on my way to school or on vacation. Today, iPhones, iPads and Kindles entertain us wherever we go. What did I do when my mum insisted that Canada's capital is Ottawa and not – as I was absolutely sure – Montreal? It took a lot of time and exercise during the long walk to the city library to find out that she was actually right. Ask yourself – when was the last time you used an encyclopedia instead of Wikipedia? Isn't it amazing how easily we can access knowledge today? With modern technology it takes us a few seconds whereas 20 years ago you either knew the answer or you had to confess that you are not sure. Today – one sneaky look at your phone and you are the hero of the party. But who actually guarantees that the information is correct? How can I filter 'good', 'false' or even 'dangerous' information?
Early childhood professionals
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Fathers' Day
craft ideas
Fathers' Day is just around the corner (Sunday 4 September) and this special day is a great excuse to turn your regular craft activities into homemade gift projects. The ideas below are relatively cost effective and there is something suitable for children of every age bracket.

Handprint poems - Print off enough copies for each child in your class and allow them to decorate to their heart's content. The heartfelt words will melt the heart of every dad.

Stained Glass - An adult will need to supervise this activity which is aimed at older kids.

Tissue paper fish - A lovely collage which offers lots of opportunities for textural experiences.

Quote cards - These sweet poems are a wonderful way to celebrate the bond between dads and their children, use them as the centrepiece for a piece of art.

Paperweights - Hand painted paperweights are very quick and easy to make and can be as simple or as embellished as the children prefer.

Door hangers - Guarantee the dads a sleep in on Fathers' Day with these door hangers, which can be personalised to say Do Not Disturb, I Love You or anything else.

Portrait cards - Provide a template head and let the children draw a picture of their dad for use on a card.

My whole world card - You'll need to help younger kids with the world but the decorating will be lots of fun for kids.

Father's Day Wreath - this gift makes a cute wall hanging or fridge decoration.

Book ends - Older children in your service will enjoy this activity which allows them to create a pair of sturdy bookends.

Picture Frames - A really lovely personalised gift which any father will love.

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