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Child Care Industry News
August 23, 2016
Welcome, this week stress management strategies for early childhood education and care providers and new research to suggest children need more opportunities for learning outside.
Stress management strategies for educators
Working in the early childhood sector is no walk in the park. The hours are long, it requires huge energy expenditure, educators are exposed to germs and it requires extraordinary patience and commitment to deal with small children and their families. No wonder staff turnover among early childhood education and care providers is high.

Learning how to look after yourself, both physically and mentally, through managing stress, is an important coping mechanism for people working in early childhood. Building better resilience is an effective way to reduce staff turnover and increase the satisfaction and productivity of early childhood staff.
Early childhood professionals
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Outdoor learning
Outdoor learning can have a significant and positive impact on children's quality of life but needs to be introduced more formally into global school curricula in order for its potential benefits to be fully realised, a new report suggests.

The Student Outcomes and Natural Schooling report, which was produced by Western Sydney University and Plymouth University in the UK, highlights the many and varied benefits to children of learning in the natural environment, not just from an educational perspective but also in terms of their behaviour, social skills, health and wellbeing, resilience, confidence and sense of place.

But it also says that in an age dominated by a full curriculum, busier family lifestyles and increased fear within society, children are losing the freedom to play, explore and be active in their environment and being denied opportunities that could enhance their long term prospects.
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