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Child Care Industry News
August 16, 2016
Welcome, this week a host of fabulous excursion suggestions and how you can incorporate some of the principles of the Forest School movement, without giving up your buildings.
get out and see the world
While excursions happen regularly in primary schools, they are less common in early childhood settings, for reasons that are probably pretty obvious! Looking after a group of preschool aged children away from the relatively controlled and manageable space of an early childhood setting is potentially fraught with complications; lost children and injury just to name a couple.

This is not to suggest you should exclude field trips from your program, indeed the contrary. Well organised and executed excursions can add a world of learning opportunities for preschool aged children, and they don't need to be elaborate or expensive. A simple walking bus trip to the local library by way of the playground offers as much scope for learning as a more formal trip to a local museum and can provide a rich source of new experiences for children.
Early childhood professionals
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Forest Schools
Two months ago we explored the growing popularity of forest schools in Europe and the UK, you can read the article here. These unorthodox early childhood settings offer education and care services in a wholly outside environment.

Some of the providers have fixed dwellings, but many don't and have adopted a nomadic approach where the children have lunch and rest times in temporary bivouacs. Indeed many move the location of the setting so the children have the opportunity to experience different types of bush land experiences.

The common theme and motivation behind forest schools is that children need more opportunities to learn and play in the outdoors to counteract the increasingly urban lives of many families.
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