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May 5, 2015
Welcome, with Mother's Day on the horizon, we thought you might enjoy some craft ideas which can be used as gifts plus read the results of our Annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey.
Survey Results
Child Care &
Workforce Participation
Annual Survey
The annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey serves as a benchmark for assessing the state of the Australian child care system. This year 2108 parents/carers and people interested in early childhood education and care services completed the survey, providing us with a wealth of useful information.

Key points of interest to early childhood education and care providers are summarised below. A full summary document can be viewed via the 'survey findings' button below.

While many of the questions in this year's survey asked about workforce participation and the proposed changes to the system as a result of the Productivity Commission report, we also asked people about their personal care preferences and how they feel about those choices.

Most Australian children start care between 7-12 months and attend for three days a week (32 per cent) for an average of 7-8 hours per day. Work is still the main reason why people put their kids in care, however just under 10 per cent of parents said they used child care to give their child an opportunity for social interaction.


Waitlists are still a common experience for Australian parents with 62 per cent claiming they went on one or more waitlists before they secured care. While 42 per cent of parents paid less than $20 to go on a waitlist and astonishing 14 per cent paid $80 or over with no guarantee of securing a spot.

Interestingly it took most parents (73 per cent) just 1-6 months to find care with 86 per cent claiming they did find the type of care they wanted. Only 13 per cent took longer than 12 months and 11 per cent of families were unable to find they type of services they wanted.

Despite the success rates many parents still find the search for care frustrating with 43 per cent claiming it was difficult or extremely difficult.

Type of service

Consistent with last year's results, the vast majority of parents (75 per cent) still rely on child care centres for their child care requirements. Interestingly, however, grandparents have risen to the second spot with 22 per cent of families regularly relying on older generations to care for the kids.

Great job

The vast majority of parents believe their provider is doing a fabulous job, with 75 per cent rating their service as excellent with great carers and facilities. In addition, quality is paramount with just under 60 per cent of parents saying they don't mind whether their service is private or not for profit as long as the quality is good.

With such high satisfaction levels it will come as no surprise that the one thing 50 per cent of parents would change about their service is cost. A reassuring 26 per cent said they wouldn't change a thing.

Paying for public holidays is, however, a bug bear with a loud 72 per cent of families claiming it is unfair of providers to charge fees on public holidays. Despite this 75 per cent think it is fine to charge late fees for parents who arrive after 6pm.
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Mother's Day craft ideas
With Mother's Day coming up on 10 May we thought some cute craft based gift ideas might be just the thing to melt the mothers' hearts and help you teach the children in your service how to spoil their mum.

Handprint magnets - Tracing, colouring and cutting form the main part of this activity which is suitable for even very young children.

Painted pots - An oldie but a goodie, take this gift to the next level by filling the pots with a seedling planted and nurtured by the children.

Popsicle stick photo frames - This old favourite can be adapted for all ages by the use of different levels of decoration.

Handprint lilies - This activity can be adapted for different ages, older kids should be able to work independently.

Felt hearts - A simple sewing project which helps older kids develop their fine motor skills.

Paper mache - This activity takes a couple of days but the final product can be used for jewelry or sweet treats.

Silhouettes - You'll need to supervise this activity but the result is a keepsake that will be popular with everyone.

Poster coasters - Use unwanted CDs or DVDs and a recent photo or piece of artwork to create a lovely coffee cup holder.

Muffin flowers - Flowers are definitely the theme for Mother's Day. This is another simple idea suitable for younger kids.

Butterfly card - An adult may need to help with cutting the shape of the butterfly but apart from that the kids can decorate these lovely butterflies however they want.

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