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Child Care Industry News
May 19, 2015
Welcome, this week an article on how to offer flexible hours in your service by Chris Steel ECA Project Manager on the Early Childhood Flexibility Patterns and Practices Project and a range of healthy snack ideas for young children.
Seven tips on flexible hours you may not know
This article on flexible hours in long day care centres was written by Chris Steel the ECA Project Manager - Early Childhood Flexibility Patterns and Practices Project.

When opening hours and the needs of families align, this can support parents' workforce participation and support children's best interests.

Only 0.8% of long day care centres open after 6:30pm according to ECA's Long Day Care Flexibility Survey Report. Yet, most approved early childhood services actually have considerable discretion to open earlier or close later.

According to the Child Care Service Handbook the maximum length of long day care sessions is 12 hours. However services can be approved to operate for more than 12 hours by offering multiple sessions. Services can also be approved to offer 24 hour care.
Early childhood professionals
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Healthy snacks for under 5s
Does your menu rely on a few tried and tested (but boring!) snack ideas? This article by Nutrition Australia offers a whole range of yummy, simple and very healthy snack suggestions that are bound to get the tummies of the kids in your service rumbling.

Young children require energy to help them grow, develop and reach their maximum potential. Snacking can be a useful way of ensuring that young, growing bodies are meeting their energy requirements. However, to avoid predisposing children to developing a preference for foods that are unhealthy, it is important that the snack foods you provide are healthy, and low in sugar, fat and salt.

Stuck for healthy snack ideas? Why not try some of the following?
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