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Child Care Industry News
March 3, 2015
Welcome, this week learn how to boost parent engagement in your service, plus a host of beach craft ideas.
Engaging your parent community
It's early March and the children and carers in your service are hopefully all settled in to the New Year and enjoying their new routine. Now is a great time to look at ways to strengthen your relationship with parents and carers and explore opportunities to engage them in the service.

Granted, many parents use early childhood education and care services due to work commitments however this does not necessarily mean they don't want to take a role in your service. Actively engaged parents result in better outcomes for children and contribute to a great sense of community within early childhood settings. The diverse skill set present in most parent bodies can also be a valuable resource for services to tap in to.

The suggestions below made by Edna Wallace M.S, suggest a variety of strategies you can employ to build and consolidate your relationship with parents and carers.
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Oceanic craft ideas
As we enjoy the remnants of the warmer months we thought it might be nice to bring a bit of beach into your service with a selection of oceanic craft ideas.

Paper bag octopus a simple activity which uses cheap materials to great effect.

A school of fish use bubble wrap to create a school of lovely textural fish which will look gorgeous on a wall mural.

Sea urchins this will be more suited to older children as it uses toothpicks as the sea urchin spines.

Seahorse with pre-prepared templates for the younger children, this activity would be perfect for kids of all ages.

Jellyfish use paper plates to create simple brightly coloured jelly fish.

Cupcake jellyfish use brightly coloured patty cake cases as the body of these smaller jelly fish.

Finger-print fish a lovely sensory activity which allows children to dip their fingers in the paint to create rainbow scales for their fish.

Paper plate crab another paper plate activity which results in a gorgeous brightly coloured crab with big nippers.

Starfish Use icy poles sticks to create the legs of this rock pool favourite.

Ocean sensory tub recreate an aquarium touch tank in your service with a few simple supplies and a couple of buckets of water.

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Early Years Expo & PDT Forum


The Early Years Expo & PDT Forum (EYEPDT) is must-attend event for Early Childhood Educators & Professionals, Childcare Centre management and their staff.

Proudly sponsored by AON and Hesta, and supported by quality organisations including; NSW Family Day Care, CCSA,, Kidsafe and Only About Children, the theme for EYEPDT 2015 is "Delivering on the Promise of Early Learning".

This year's impressive program of quality speakers has been put together by an experienced committee to meet National Quality Standards (NQS) and within government guidelines. EYEPDT 2015 presentations and workshops will focus on four key steams; Leadership, Management, Practice & Curriculum, and Sustainability. These areas have been highlighted as significantly important for the professional development and training of those currently working in the Early Childhood industry today.

There will also be plenty of exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services for the industry with great deals, as well as plenty of networking opportunities.
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