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Child Care Industry News
June 23, 2015
Welcome, this week a reminder on safe play for kids under five and learn how to keep your service free of the dreaded winter lurgies.
Safe play for children under 5
The resource was prepared by Kidsafe and Smart Play

Active and creative play is essential for children's growth, development and learning. Play provides opportunities for children to become physically active, as well as facilitating social interaction and assisting with the development of self-esteem.

Play is a fun and exciting experience for children, however, there is a risk of injury if appropriate safety precautions are not taken. Children are most commonly injured when they fall from playground equipment such as monkey bars, climbing equipment and trampolines in public parks and in their own backyards. Falls from bikes, scooters and skateboards are also common causes of play injury.

However, most injuries associated with play can be easily prevented. Below are some tips on safe play practice for children and advice on what to look for in terms of safe play equipment and toys for children to reduce their risk of injury.
Early childhood professionals
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Staying well during 'flu season
'Flu season is upon us and with children under five at higher risk of complications arising from the 'flu virus it's important to maintain stringent 'flu prevention standards in your service.

In Australia anyone over the age of six months can be vaccinated against the 'flu and encouraging vaccination among staff and families is a great prevention strategy.

Other steps early childhood education and care providers can take include:

Requiring staff to stay at home if they have 'flu or 'flu like symptoms. Parents should also be reminded to keep children home under the same circumstances. Staff and children should stay home until they have a normal temperature.
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