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Child Care Industry News
July 21, 2015
Welcome, making a great first impression is the key to filling vacancies, learn how in this week's newsletter. Also a host of up-cycled craft ideas to bring out your inner Fraggle.
Be prepared and make a great first impression
Parents looking for an early childhood education and care service are always advised to prepare a list of questions to ask service providers when they visit a service.

As an early childhood education and care provider it's very important that you and your staff are ready to answer these questions as you take parents on an initial tour of your service.

Staff should also be prepared to answer questions in the first few weeks when the child is settling in and over the course of the time the family uses your service.
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Up-cycled craft ideas
Creating treasures from trash
Using discarded everyday items for craft projects is a great way to teach kids about reducing, reusing and recycling. A simple request to parents to send in their old toilet roll, wrapping paper and cling film tubes should result in an abundant supply of materials, which you can use to try some of these activities.

Binoculars - kids love old toilet rolls and they lend themselves to all sorts of projects. These binoculars are a classic.

Spyglass - this piratical spyglass uses a toilet roll and a paper cup.

Olympic torch - teach kids about the Olympics using this simple prop made from a wrapping paper tube.

Sea creatures - create an aquarium with this project which can be scaled up or down depending on the age of the kids.

Not-so-scary snake - this cute little snake has movable joints.

Bugs - create a swarm of flying insects by playing around with the colours, wings and antennae used to decorate these bugs.

Woolly sheep - wool and cotton buds stuck to a toilet roll help shape this sweet little sheep.

Didgeridoo - you'll need to use longer wrapping paper rolls for this project and cotton wool buds are wonderful for decorating the outside.

Bracelets - a quick and easy activity which is easy to modify depending on the ages and interests of the kids.
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