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Child Care Industry News
August 18, 2015
Welcome, this week another reminder on the importance of healthy eating for our smallest citizens, a new resource to help with the establishment of a new early childhood service and your chance to have a say on how the ongoing reforms in the early childhood sector have affected your job plus the results of the ANA survey.
Times of change:
Exploring the impact of educational reform on early childhood educators in the field

Lauren Armstrong

Monash University, Frankston, Australia

International early childhood education has experienced substantial changes to policy, theory and practice which have been influenced by political, societal and economic factors.

In recent years, the Australian early childhood field has undergone similar changes through the introduction of the national curriculum, quality framework and ongoing systemic reviews by the Australian Productivity Commission regarding the National Quality Framework and the flexibility of the field, as well as reviews by the Australian Skills Quality Authority regarding the quality of early childhood courses offered by Registered Training Organisations.
Early childhood professionals
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Healthy eating in early childhood services
In an effort to combat confusion and misinformation Nutrition Australia has updated its Health Eating Pyramid for the first time in 15 years. If you haven't already, now's a great time to check out the new guidelines and review your service's menu to make sure you are providing a well balanced menu which delivers the maximum nutritional benefit to the children in your service.

The new pyramid provides clearer advice on the five core food groups people should eat every day for a healthy balanced diet, consistent with the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division, Executive Officer Lucinda Hancock said health professionals are concerned about the overwhelming amount of conflicting and confusing information about food and nutrition.
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Opening a new service?
ACECQA has launched a new resource for people interested in setting up a new service, or exploring the viability of doing so. This new resource covers all the basics including:
  • Understanding the legislation involved in opening a new service, including local planning controls, working with children checks, health department requirements and food safety laws.
  • Understanding your service type, including the service options available and requirements under the NQF for those services.
  • The approvals process; how you should apply and who to.
  • Regulatory requirements including staffing, health and safety, indoor and outdoor space, policies and procedures and record keeping.
  • The National Quality Standard and how your new service will be rated and assessed against the standard.
  • Useful contacts; the resource includes a list of useful agencies to speak to if you have questions or need assistance.
To view the new page click here.
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