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Child Care Industry News
April 7, 2015
Welcome, this week new research shows that delaying children's entry to school may lead to poorer academic outcomes and learn all about open ended art. And finally, it is our 10th annual child care and workforce participation survey and we are asking you to invite the families that attend your service to take part. They can be in the running for an iPad mini, plus every survey completed we will donate $1 to the Australian Red Cross' Tiffany Circle program to support Young Parents in disadvantaged areas.
10th annual child care & workforce participation survey

Ask families attending your service to take part

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Child Care and Workforce Participation survey.

Over the years we've gained a huge amount of valuable insight from parents, carers and child care professionals into how the system does and doesn't work for parents; the cost and quality of child care; discrimination in the workplace and in society; how flexible our employers really are and what they think about child care in Australia.

Much of our findings have been shared with the child care industry, politicians and lobbyists and policy influencers.

We've worked tirelessly to try to make sure that child care and family friendly workplace policies are moving in the right direction and responses to our survey have also inspired us to develop new, unique and industry leading search tools to try to make searching for child care and connecting to services as easy and comprehensive as possible.

This support and continuous feedback has allowed us to become the country's leading child care search resource with over three million users a year.

We want to know

What do parents think about the idea of Shared Parental Leave? What do they think about an all-in-one, means tested child care subsidy (or Early Care and Learning Subsidy as is its proposed name)?
Share the survey with parents via social media
Parents taking this year's survey will be in the running for an iPad mini.

In addition, for every survey completed in full, we will donate $1 to Australian Red Cross' Tiffany Circle program to support Young Parents in disadvantaged areas (find out more about this amazing program).
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Survey results from previous years
Delayed school entry linked to poor academic performance
Early childhood providers faced with the dreaded but all too familiar parent question: "is my child ready to start big school next year?" may be interested to read about new findings which show that delaying a child's entry to school may be linked to poorer academic performance.

Many parents worry about when to send their child to school, especially if the child is born in the first six months of the year or was born prematurely. The most commonly cited concern is lack of emotional maturity to cope with the longer and more demanding days imposed by 'big school'.

However, a new paper published in the Journal of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology contradicts these findings and claims starting school a year later does not lead to better academic performance for pre-term or full-term children and could in fact cause poorer academic performance as the children get older.
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Expanding boundaries with open ended art
Early childhood is the ideal time for children to explore their inner creativity through a wide variety of artistic experiences. Young children rarely display self-consciousness or inhibitions when it comes to creating art and this boundless enthusiasm should be encouraged in early childhood settings.

In addition to being fun, art gives children the opportunity to express their emotions, experiment with a wide variety of textures and materials, problem solve and learn about colour and shape. In many homes, children don't have the opportunity to try messy art such as finger painting and clay work, which is why early childhood environments offer such fertile grounds for developing children's artistic abilities.

While all art-based projects are valuable, open-ended art is especially wonderful for very young children as it offers a child the opportunity to undertake a free form art project which focuses on individual expression and the journey a child takes in creating the piece, rather than simply the final product.
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