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Child Care Industry News
April 14, 2015
Welcome, this week learn the secrets to staff retention in early childhood settings, courtesy of our sister service and find out where to go if you have questions about the NQF.
Questions about the NQF?
The NQF has been in effect for three years now and most providers would agree it has had a positive impact on the delivery of early childhood education and care services in this country.

While much of the red tape associated with the initial introduction of the NQF has abated, the fact is it is a complicated piece of legislation and questions inevitably come up.

If you have questions and sometimes can't figure out where to go to find the answers check out the helpful information from ACECQA below:
Early childhood professionals
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The secrets to staff retention Australia's foremost job board for the early childhood education and care sector is proud to sponsor this article on Staff Retention

Last month we offered tips on how to secure your dream job in early childhood education and care. This month we look at strategies early childhood managers can use to attract and retain the best staff.

Research is increasingly showing that employees consider more than just money when deciding whether to stay in a job or not and savvy employers need to be tuned in to their workforce to truly understand and appreciate what motivates their staff.

The key to attracting and retaining good staff is to introduce a range of strategies designed to foster a sense of self-worth and success in employees. In the high turnover environment of the child care sector it is worth doing all you can to hold on to high quality staff to avoid the high costs of recruitment and to build good team morale.

The following strategies will help you create a positive culture in your workplace and more importantly, encourage your number one asset; your people, to stick around:
Boost your occupancy
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