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Child Care Industry News
September 30, 2014
Welcome, this week an article by Dr Kristy Goodwin on the best apps for young children and the results of a report by PwC on the economic importance of high quality early childhood education and care.
New research

The value of high quality early childhood education

New research from PricewaterhouseCoopers has shown that investing in early childhood education and care delivers significant productivity benefits in both the short and long term.

The well-known short term gains of increasing workforce participation and female return to work rates are boosted by the all-important long term gains from when children in high quality child care reach maturity and enter the workforce.

PwC partner James van Smeerdijk said the report, Putting a value on Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia, showed that conventional approaches to valuing the benefits of early childhood education and care were too narrow.

"The long-term benefits from increasing childhood participation in quality early care and education have largely been ignored," Mr van Smeerdijk said.
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Appy kids

3 essentials when choosing apps for young children

by Dr Kristy Goodwin

We've all seen it: tiny fingers miraculously working their way around a smartphone or tablet to locate their favourite app. It can be both incredible and frightening to watch just how quickly young children master touch technologies like iPads and iPhones.

And this is the modern carer's dilemma

On one hand we want children to be proficient technology users, but on the other hand we worry about the possible effects touch devices are having on their development.

Well I am here to tell you, as children's technology researcher, educator and as a mum that you needn't feel concerned. The pangs of guilt (I call it 'techno-guilt) that you've no doubt felt as you pass back your device to a young child are actually not warranted. Phew…

The good news is that we have some early research that tells us that young children can actually learn with touch devices.
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