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Child Care Industry News
September 23, 2014
Welcome, this week find out about the Government's new program to boost language learning in early childhood and some craft activities inspired by the gorgeous abundance of spring.
Language boost for early childhood
Preschool children may have the opportunity to learn a second language as a result of a $9.8 million pilot being run by the Abbott government.

The funding is being delivered as part of the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) trial and will see up to 40 preschools across the country participate in a one year trial in 2015.

Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley announced the trial and said expressions of interest were now open for services wanting to apply.

The ELLA trial will use custom play-based 'apps' on tablet devices and all approved preschool programmes with an internet connection can apply.

Ms Ley said the ELLA trial was part of the Government's longer-term vision for a more nationally-consistent approach to language studies throughout a child's education.
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Spring craft activities
September 1 marks the official start of spring and with the emergence of a few brave daffodils from the wintery ground it seems like we are well on our way to warmer weather. With the proliferation of growth and colour that happens at this time of the year we thought it would be fun to bring some of that vibrancy inside and offer you a few bright and cheery spring themed craft activities to brighten the walls of your service.

Dandelion puffs use toothpicks and cotton wool balls to create an irresistible dandelion puff.

Handprint daffodils all ages can participate in this and you can create a bouquet of gorgeously brightly coloured spring blooms.

Flower masks quick and easy and lots of fun; turn the kids in your service into a field of smiling flowers.

Bumble bees with the return of the flowers come the bees. This activity is straightforward and young kids will be able to create their own.

Tulips you may need to help the youngest kids cut out the tulip shape but the painting part of this project is plenty of fun for all ages.

Rainbow collage you could do a giant one to decorate the walls of your service or lots of little ones covered in beads, fabric off cuts and other treasures from your art corner.

Rainbow wind catchers another rainbow themed idea, this one uses paper plates and paper streamers to wonderful effect.

Blossom tree collage everywhere trees are bursting forth with bright pink blossoms and this activity celebrates those gorgeous little pops of colour.

Grass head monsters Create funky green haired monsters with some grass seeds and a bit of sun.

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