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Child Care Industry News
September 2, 2014
Welcome, this week a reminder about seasonal flu and learn about a series of new podcasts created to help ECECs prepare for their NQF assessment visits.
PC inquiry deadline for submissions
People wishing to make a comment on the Productivity Commission inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning have until Friday 5 September to lodge their submission.

For details on how to make and lodge a submission/comment visit the inquiry website.

Please note the Commission just released a technical supplement on the modelling included in the inquiry draft report. This technical supplement provides details on the model and draft report results, clarifies how the concept of assistance based on a "deemed cost" (as outlined in the draft report chapter 13) might work for families in different circumstances, and also discusses some limitations to bear in mind when interpreting the results.
new + improved

New resource for ECECs preparing for ACECQA review

Queensland's Department of Education, Training and Employment has released a series of podcasts to help early childhood education and care services prepare for their assessment and ratings visits.

Although the resources were designed in Queensland the ACECQA assessment process happens nationally and providers in other states should also find the podcasts interesting and informative.

The series titled, Being prepared – Getting ready for assessment and ratings using the National Quality Standard, is a suite of five short audio and slideshow presentations which provide an overview of the assessment process and about preparing evidence for assessment against Quality Areas 1, 4, 6 and 7.

The podcasts also provide examples of how services can prepare to discuss practices, policies and procedures, and different ways they can present evidence during the visit.

View the podcasts, along with PDFs of the information.
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Seasonal flu reminder
With the arrival of spring it would seem we are through the worst of the winter flu season, however, there are still plenty of lurgies lingering, and seasonal flu is at its most prevalent for a six-eight week period during winter-spring.

Influenza as it is officially called is caused by an extremely contagious virus that is easily spread via the fluids produced during coughing and sneezing or via direct contact with these fluids on shared surfaces such as toys.

There are three types of flu virus – influenza A, B and C and older people, very young children, pregnant women and people with an underlying medical condition are more vulnerable to the flu virus and more likely to develop serious complications as a result.
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