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Child Care Industry News
September 16, 2014
Welcome, this week a contribution from Tony Innes on how ECEC providers can embed sustainability practices. Have you experienced poor quality training? Let us know by taking our poll and sharing your experiences.

Dodgy qualifications reducing child care standards

New qualification requirements for early childhood education and care providers were supposed to raise the level of quality care being offered by people working in the sector.

However, recent media reports suggest that the new rules have led to a proliferation of sub-standard qualifications, which leave graduates unfit for the job they are supposed to be doing.

The new qualifications requirements mean that everyone working in child care services must hold or be actively working towards a Certificate III in Children's services.

However a number of child care centres have told the ABC that they have started unofficial blacklists of training providers they will not use because graduate quality is so poor.

Child care operators told the ABC that some training providers operate a 'tick and flick' service where students effectively buy their qualifications.
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Small Green Steps to embed sustainable practices

This article has been provided by sustainability expert and Tony Innes the managing director of Sustainable Directions, the company which created Small Green Steps an online sustainability resource specifically developed for the education and care sector.

Most early learning and care services around Australia embrace the concept of sustainability in some shape or form. This generally entails the employment of basic recycling practices or teaching children the joys of keeping chickens. However the National Quality Framework requires a great deal more and requires evidence that "sustainable practices are embedded in service operations."

So how do you embed sustainable practices throughout your service? By taking the following small green steps, you will go a long way to ensuring that sustainability becomes second nature for educators and children at your centre.
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