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Child Care Industry News
October 28, 2014
Welcome this week meet the founder of Bubs and Boardrooms a new concept in early childhood care running out of Sydney's inner west and some tried and tested strategies for maintaining great communication with parents.
Strategies for communicating with parents
For busy early education and care professionals taking the time to communicate with parents is unlikely to be high on the priority list. In the hurly burly of an average morning educators are busy welcoming the children, engaging them in activities, hugging the teary ones and helping with hats, drinks and all manner of other tasks. It can be hard to find a spare few moments to breathe let alone communicate with parents and care givers at a detailed level.

Even though there may not be time to hold detailed conversations with parents every other morning it is important and beneficial to maintain open lines of communication and to ensure parents understand that you are available to talk if anything comes up or if they simply want an update or some assurance on something to do with their child. These semi-regular updates will help you maintain a great relationship with your families and are also beneficial for the children you are caring for.

The tips below, from the Raising Children's Network offer some practical and realistic strategies you can implement to facilitate great communication with the parents of the children in your service.
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Child care person in the spotlight
Elizabeth Graham is from Bubs & Boardrooms a new concept centre in Sydney's Inner West

What is your full name?
My name is Elizabeth Graham - Just Liz at this stage but I'm sure the nicknames will come.

Which centre do you work in? How many staff and children are in the centre?
We have started a new concept centre called Bubs and Boardrooms and currently have five staff. Bubs and Boardrooms is a shared work space in Sydney's Inner West specifically for parents AND it's the first of its kind in Australia.

What is your professional background and career experience?
I have a background in marketing and sponsorships for over 13 years in banking, telco and media.
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