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October 14, 2014
Welcome, this week some spooky Halloween craft ideas and the reasons why ECECs should have multifaceted approach to anaphylaxis management.
Multiple strategies for allergy management needed in ECEC
With the increasing prevalence of serious allergies in children, there is significant pressure on early childhood education and care providers to have an up-to-date and effective management strategy in place.

Typically the avoidance of known allergic triggers is the mainstay of most management strategies; however, incidental exposure can still occur despite our best efforts to protect children with severe allergies.

For this reason the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) recommends the development of broader management plans in child care environments, which includes food avoidance but goes further to cover:
  • age appropriate education of allergic individuals and their peers
  • staff training in the recognition and management of allergic reactions
  • development of strategies to reduce the risk of accidental exposure including individual health care plans
  • an emergency response plan for when exposure does occur.
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Halloween craft ideas
With every passing year Halloween seems to gain popularity in Australia; the combination of dress ups and sweets obviously an irresistible lure for many neighbourhood children. If you are a fan of all things spooky and look forward to Halloween as much as the average kid then you will love this week's craft ideas.

Easy ghosts a super easy project for young kids which, when hung, will quickly convert your service into a haunted house.

Felt ghosts felt is a lovely fabric for children to work with and this little activity results in a lovely cuddly little ghost to keep forever.

Pumpkin paper cup baskets This would make a great project before an afternoon of trick or treating.

Pumpkin mosaic Pumpkins aren't in season in Australia in October, but don't let that deter you and make a patch for your service.

Pumpkin mosaic 2 Another easy activity for small kids which will help develop their fine motor skills.

Wool skeletons White wool on a piece of black paper results in a spooky skeleton.

Bin bag skeletons This is a really easy costume idea that the kids will love making and wearing (especially if you add a mask).

Paper cup bats We have plenty of bats here in Oz. Use paper cups and black paint to create some grisly black bats to hang in the corners of your rooms.

Halloween moon Create a wonderful silhouette effect in this quick and easy project.

Spidery fingerprints Turn finger sized paint blobs into cute little beady eyed spiders.
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