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Child Care Industry News
November 4, 2014
Welcome, this week a timely reminder on the importance of maintaining safe sleeping practices in early childhood settings, and we consider the prominence of child care on the global agenda right now. Plus your chance to have a say on possible changes to the NQF.
Child care on the global agenda

Canada, UK, USA looking to leverage child care for both economic and social advantage

The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Child Care and Early Learning submitted its final report to the Government on Friday 31 October and now the early childhood sector and parents must wait to hear how the Abbott Government intends to respond to the recommendations made in the report.

Assistant Minister for Education Ms Sussan Ley thanked the thousands of Australians who took the time to comment on the inquiry and described it as a once in a generation opportunity to work together to build a better child care system for Australian families.

This beggars the question what is a better child care system? The Abbott Government has identified flexibility, accessibility and affordability as three key problems with the current system that need to be addressed but what problems do other countries in the world have and how are they seeking to address these issues?

In Canada around 75 per cent of mothers work but there is still a gap between the number of working women and the number of working mums, a gap which is usually attributed to the high cost of care. To address this the Canadian Government is introducing a number of new measures aimed to reduce cost and improve accessibility.
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Safe sleeping
The tragic death of 5 month old Sunshine Coast infant Indianna in a family day service serves as a very timely reminder of the importance of safe sleeping in early childhood education and care environments.

Sudden Infant death Syndrome (SIDS) is still the most common category of deaths for babies between one and twelve months of age and while all the causes of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents are unknown, what we do know is that some sleeping arrangements are safer than others.

SIDS and Kids is Australia's leading authority on safe sleeping practices for children, especially those in the high-risk 0-12 month age category. The steps in this article are recommended as best practice safe sleeping guidelines for early childhood education and care providers.
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Have your say:
Regulation impact statement consultation
Federal, state & territory governments are offering providers, families and the community an opportunity to have a say on the ongoing Review of the National Partnership Agreement on the National Quality Agenda for Early Childhood Education and Care.

Feedback gained during the public consultation process conducted earlier this year has been included in a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for consultation. This consultation RIS presents proposed options for changing the National Quality Framework.

Interested parties have the opportunity to participate in the consultation RIS process through a series of community sessions which start in early November.

These sessions will be held in regional and capital areas in all states and territories and will be presented by the Australian government in partnership with state and territory governments. Register for a consultation session.

People who can't make a session can submit a written submission or comment and can complete an online survey by visiting this website.
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