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May 6, 2014
Welcome, this week learn how to identify bullying in early childhood education and care settings and some Mother's Day gift ideas the kids in your service can make.
Preventing bullying in early childhood environments
The Australian National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence happens in March every year and is a great initiative which focuses on identifying and preventing bullying in schools. It focuses on encouraging parents and teachers to talk to kids about bullying, building a safe school culture and what kids should do if they feel bullied.

A lesser-known form of bullying happens in early childhood environments and promoting awareness and information about prevention strategies which can be applied in the early childhood setting can help prevent the onset of bullying behaviours and work to protect children as they move into school.

A couple of years ago we ran a series of articles by the Director of Break Through Bullying Melissa Graham, the articles were on Bullying in Child Care, Cyber Bullying and Anti-Bullying Strategies. This article focuses on identifying and addressing bullying behaviour in preschool aged children, a challenge in itself given the many perfectly natural ways preschoolers learn about boundaries, socially acceptable behaviour and how to use words rather than actions to get what they want.
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Mother's Day craft ideas
Want to know the quickest way to melt a mother's heart? A wobbly home made present from their precious preschooler. This month we have compiled a list of sweet gift projects perfect for Mother's Day.

Fingerprint daisy bookmarks This is a good activity for really young children and can be finished very quickly.

Daisy picture Continuing with the daisy theme, this project would be ideal for older kids and results in a lovely little keepsake any mum would love.

Felt hearts Another simple sewing project which helps older kids develop their fine motor skills.

Fingerprint flower cards Sometimes just a card with a sweet message is all it takes to make a mother's day super special.

Paper Mache This activity takes a couple of days but the final product can be used for jewelry or sweet treats.

Silhouettes You'll need to supervise this activity but the result is a keepsake that will be popular with everyone.

Poster coasters Use unwanted CDs or DVDs and a recent photo or piece of artwork to create a lovely coffee cup holder.

Forever flowers Use brightly coloured coffee filters to create a gorgeous bunch of flowers which will never die! This project is quick and easy and suitable for all ages.

Handprint magnets Tracing, colouring and cutting form the main part of this activity which is suitable for even very young children.

Painted pots An oldie but a goodie, take this gift to the next level by filling the pots with a seedling planted and nurtured by the children.

Tissue paper rose This is a quick and easy project which doesn't require much equipment and would make a lovely gift when combined with a home made card.

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