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Child Care Industry News
May 20, 2014
Welcome, this week read the results of our Annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey and learn what this year's Budget has in store for the ECEC sector.
2014 Budget

What does it mean for ECEC?

While this year's Federal Budget didn't include a large number of announcements relating to the ECEC sector there were a few changes which will have significant impacts for some people in the sector.

Further changes are likely when the Productivity Commission releases its report on child care and early learning in October this year.

2014 Budget: Impacts for ECEC Sector

Family Day Care
The Community Support Programme (CSP) assists child care providers to establish or maintain services in parts of the country where they might not be viable or able to meet the unique requirements of the community, such as in disadvantaged or regional and remote areas.

From 1 July 2015, all Family Day Care services applying for support from the CSP will be assessed under similar eligibility criteria to those which apply to other care types…
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Annual Child Care
& Workforce
Results 2014
For more than 11 years® has been helping Australian families manage the challenge of finding high quality child care where and when they need it.

Every year we run a survey to learn more about the child care situation in Australia on the national level as well as to discover the issues and concerns facing families as they set about securing care at the individual level.

The results of this survey provide valuable information on the state of the Australian child care system and offer some insight into the child care problems being faced by so many families.

This is our ninth annual survey and included 1895 Australians with children in care or considering care. The survey was conducted online between April and May 2014.
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