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March 11, 2014
Welcome, this week have your say on families who don't pay fees and still claim the rebate. Gwynn Bridge says this is a widespread problem, has it happened to you?
Parents rorting fees loophole

Have you been affected?

In a recent article in The Australian newspaper, Australian Child Care Alliance president Gwynn Bridge said it was now common for parents to move their children from service to service to avoid paying overdue fees.

The article says that parents are exploiting a loophole in the system which enables them to claim rebates for unpaid bills and that some parents accrue debts amounting to thousands of dollars.

Under the current system parents are entitled to claim up to $7500 per child per year for child care fees with registered providers. However, parents are not required to show evidence that they have paid their fees before claiming the rebate.

In many cases parents are racking up debts, claiming the rebate and then moving onto another service provider. This leaves providers out-of-pocket and having to employ private debt collectors to chase parents for the money.

In the article Ms Bridge suggests the federal Education Department should require parents to provide proof of payment before refunding them money under the child care rebate.

Another suggestion raised in the past was to put together a register of families with child care debt so providers can check the data base before accepting families.

In an attempt to understand the scale of this problem and the number of services being affected we would appreciate it if you would fill in this brief questionnaire. We'll report back next month. »
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St Patrick's Day craft activities
Although St Patrick's Day is not a holiday in Australia it is celebrated with great excitement and fanfare in many parts of the country. March 17 typically sees an explosion of green, lots of people wearing funny hats and plenty of talk of leprechauns and what not.

With symbolism like this it's not hard to fan the flames of a child's imagination and we hope these craft ideas will get you started.

Fingerprint rainbows There's definitely a pot of gold at the end of this lovely little rainbow. This is a great activity for young children.

Rainbow shakers A great way to make something useful and fun out of empty plastic drink bottles.

Handprint rainbow collage Everyone in your service can get involved in this activity which results in a dazzling wall display.

Pot of gold This collage is an easy activity for kids of any age and be scaled up or down depending on the interest level and ability of the children.

Handprint shamrocks Another great activity for very young children, these green shamrocks will look like a lovely green field on the walls of your service.

Paper plate shamrocks A more involved variation on the shamrock theme.

St Patrick's Day Wreath What do you get when you combine rainbows and shamrocks? A lovely wreath to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Paper cup leprechaun This activity is more involved and will be better suited to older kids or younger kids with patience and a bit of help.

Leprechaun hat Each child can create their own masterpiece and then decorate it to their heart's content.

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