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Child Care Industry News
June 10, 2014
Welcome, this week we are delighted to introduce you to Karene-Lee Janke a family day carer from Wynnum in Queensland also a pile of Dinosaur craft ideas to help you go Jurassic.

Changes to national regulations now in effect

Amendments to the National Regulations, which the Government says should reduce red tape and streamline administrative processes for early childhood education and care providers took effect on 1 June (except WA).

The main amendments include:
Streamlining the supervisor certificate application process (except Western Australia which will make changes regarding supervisor certificates at a later date).
Greater flexibility for centre-based services to meet staffing requirements when employing new educators. New South Wales and South Australia are retaining current requirements for certificate III educators in centre-based services.
Extending the timeframe for a person who is actively working towards an approved early childhood teaching qualification to be counted towards early childhood teacher requirements.
A more practical approach to submission of Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) for new services - approved providers must now prepare the QIP for a new service within three months, but are only required to provide a copy to the regulatory authority on request.
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Karene-Lee Janke
This week we introduce you to Karene-Lee Janke a Family Day Care Educator supported by Wynnum Family Day Care and Education Service, Brisbane.

What is your industry background and career experience?
I have been working in Early Childhood for 18 years now. Initially I worked part time at a child care centre while I was studying my Bachelor of Education at University. Since then I have worked in centres, schools and special education settings.

Why have you chosen to have a Family Day Care business over being an employee in a child care centre?
I have chosen to be a family day care educator over working in a school or centre setting because at my stage of life with my own young children it is a wonderful balance between mother and career. It allows me to do what I am passionate about as well as care for my own family. The majority of children who come to our home each day have been coming for almost three years, therefore I have a real connection with each child and their family. I love being able to see each child grow and develop over the years, you don't often get that privilege in a centre or school setting as classes change each year.
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Dinosaur craft ideas
Dinosaurs are a source of fascination for most kids at some stage and as a result are a great theme to plan into your curriculum. Due to the wide range of excellent resources dinosaur themed activities can encompass every aspect of the early childhood environment, from outside play to quiet time on the mat. This week we feature some dino-themed craft ideas to put a bit of ROAR in your day.

Dinosaur feet - Use thick cardboard to create stomping dinosaur feet and hold a parade.

Paper plate diplodocus - The simple equipment required for this activity make it ideal for spontaneous art projects.

Dinosaur island - Create a prehistoric landscape for the toy dinos in your service to call home! This would make a great group activity if done on a large scale.

Dinosaur bones - Squishy, messy papier mache is used to create these awesome dinosaur bones which, when dry, would make great fossil hunting props.

Dinosaur eggs - Another fun papier mache project which, with a bit of planning, results in a dinosaur egg which actually hatches.

3-D eggs - Another option in the egg department, these ones can be made to hatch too and offer a quicker outcome than papier mache.

Dinosaur skeleton - Use penne pasta to create a collage in the shape of a dinosaur skeleton.

Salt dough fossils - Create fossils out of salt dough, a great activity for promoting small motor development and perfect for younger kids.

T-Rex models - You'll need a printer to create the template for these ferocious beasts.

Dinosaur dioramas - These 3-D collages can be scaled up or down in complexity depending on the age and capabilities of the children.

These craft ideas were originally sourced on, and
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