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July 8, 2014
Welcome, this week learn the secret to getting kids to eat vegetables and a bunch of recycled craft ideas to help you breathe new life into unwanted household items. Get involved in NAIDOC week celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.
'Often and early'

To gives kids a taste for vegies

Struggling to encourage the children in your service to eat their vegetables? According to new research from the University of Leeds the key is to offer infants a wide range of vegies early in life and encourage them to eat more of them, rather than focusing on older kids.

The research, led by Professor Marion Hetherington in the Institute of Psychological Sciences, also found that even fussy eaters are able to eat a bit more of a new vegetable each time they are offered it.

The research, involving babies and children from the UK, France and Denmark, also dispelled the popular myth that vegetable tastes need to be masked or given by stealth in order for children to eat them.

Professor Hetherington said there is valuable information to be gained from the research:
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Recycled craft ideas
Instead of popping your recyclables out for collection this month, why not stockpile a few of them and have a go at creating one or more of these projects. They will highlight your commitment to sustainability while making the walls of your service look fantastic.

Milk carton houses Kids can make a mini version of their own house using old juice and ilk cartons.

Egg cup flowers Egg cartons are cut into individual cups and decorated in this activity which is great for all ages.

Magazine mosaics Another activity which can be scaled up or down for age and results in gorgeous and brightly coloured pictures.

Milk carton pen pot The children will enjoy creating a stack of these to use as holders for crayons, marker pens and paintbrushes.

Tropical fish Use paper plates to create a school of gorgeous and unique tropical fish.

Art holders Good for all ages, this activity requires a pile of cardboard tubes.

Cutlery wind chimes Everyone has a pile of unwanted dusty old plastic cutlery lying around, put it to good use in this activity which combines the cutlery with a paper plate to great effect!

Brown bag kites These will look lovely billowing around in the yard of your centre.

Brown box dollhouse This is a more complicated activity which will require supervision and would make a great group project.

Toilet roll noisemakers Transform an old toilet roll into a kazoo type instrument in this activity which is good for all ages.

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