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Child Care Industry News
July 29, 2014
This week find out about the new advisory panel on child care and early learning plus learn the best ways to keep your sandpit safe and clean and try a new HR tool from ELAA which helps child care managers retain and develop their valuable staff members.
New advisory council to inform government
A new Ministerial Advisory Council for child care and the early learning sector has been established to provide government with expert advice on the key issues facing the sector and to help government consider and discuss the draft Productivity Commission Inquiry Report.

The group is comprised of key opinion leaders in the sector and the Assistant Minister for Education Ms Sussan Ley says it will foster greater industry consultation with government.

"Almost every child in Australia will attend some form of child care or early learning before they start school and we want to hear from everyone involved in the delivery of this important service.

"This includes everyone from centre operators, to those working in mobile child care, in-home care, services in regional areas, community based organisations and also those looking after our most vulnerable youngsters" Ms Ley said.
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Sand pit safety:
keeping them clean
Do you have a sand pit in your service? These wonderful facilities are a great source of fun and creativity and can be a great learning resource as well. However a recent article in the Daily Telegraph about a Salmonella Java case at a child care centre in NSW leading to the closure of the sandpit highlights the importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene.

According to the article the standard practice in cases of a Salmonella Java outbreak in a child care service is to advise the centre to close the sandpits.

The Public Health Unit the tests the sand to check and if it proves positive for Salmonella then the service is required to change the sand before reopening the sandpit.

The NHMRC's Staying Healthy in Child Care offers child care providers the following guidance when it comes to child care:
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New management tool

ELAA the Early Learning Association Australia has developed an Employee Management and Development kit to help early education and care providers in the ongoing management and development of employees.

The kit is free to early childhood education and care providers and was funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. ELAA says it can assist the early learning sector in building its capacity by supporting employee performance and professional development through performance evaluation and the use of individual development plans.

The kit contains a step-by-step guide on how to use the Employee Management and Development Kit, which is available in downloadable pdf format, and includes a range of editable electronic forms for managers to tailor to their individual service's needs.
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