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Child Care Industry News
July 22, 2014
Welcome, this week your chance to have a final say in the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Childcare and Early Learning, plus learn how and why to collect parent testimonials.
Draft report
Productivity Commission
The Productivity Commission has released its draft inquiry report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning.

Presiding Commissioner Dr Wendy Craik said the recommendations in the report seek to make child care more affordable, flexible and accessible as well as more financially sustainable for tax payers.

'It was clear from our research and the many comments and submissions that we received that child care and early childhood learning play a vital role in both child development and workforce participation.

However, our current system does not meet the needs of all families and the costs of supporting the current childcare system are increasing at an unsustainable rate for taxpayers,' said Dr Craik.

Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley has welcomed the draft report and says child care services are struggling with unnecessary and excessive red tape, however she emphasized the fact that this is a draft report and that there is more work to be done.
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Public hearings
Productivity Commission
Following the release of the draft report will be a series of public hearings and the Productivity Commission is encouraging individuals and organisations to share their views by providing input at these hearings.

This input will be taken into consideration for the Commission's final report due to be handed to Government by 31 October this year.

The public hearing process

People wishing to present at a hearing will be required to introduce themselves and make a short opening statement that outlines their issues, ideas and concerns. The Commissioners then take the opportunity to ask questions about the statement. The proceedings are recorded and will be made available as a transcript. There is usually an audience at public hearings, however the audience is not permitted to ask questions. You can read more about public hearings here.

The other means of making a contribution to the inquiry is by making a public submission or by providing some short comments.

You will need to register if you would like to present a submission at the hearings, or attend as an observer. Find out when and where the public hearings are happening and to learn how to register.
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Ratings and Testimonials:

Why to and how to

In this day and age most people start all their decision-making processes with a substantial amount of online research. With a very quick Google search it's possible to learn about the best restaurants in your area, where the most family friendly resort in Fiji is and which new smart phone you should invest in. Increasingly the same now applies to early childhood education and care services.

With the abundance of online forums and social networking sites available for parents to share their child care experiences it's important to maintain an active and positive online presence. This doesn't require constant interaction with an online community but it does require you to proactively cultivate an online presence which reflects your service in the best possible light.

A great way to do this is via reviews and testimonials from the parents and children in your service. While there are plenty of benefits to be gained from you listing your service's unique selling points online, what will really get parents wavering between two different services over the line is sincere and heartfelt testimonials from other parents which have used your service.

Testimonials, reviews and ratings give parents the cold hard information they need to make a decision and the quicker you accept this and start harnessing this increasingly powerful form of advertising to your own advantage the quicker you will enjoy the benefits.
Parent ratings & testimonials
Parents trust reviews & testimonials by other parents. Take advantage of this powerful tool to enhance the reputation of your childcare service
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