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Child Care Industry News
July 15, 2014
Welcome, this week meet Madi Morrison and Suzanne Tucker from the After School Klub an innovative new outside hours care service operating in Sydney's inner west. Also find out about our new playground standards and what they mean for early education and care providers.
New playground standards
New Australian playground rules which promote fun and enjoyment over stringent safety requirements have been introduced to encourage more outdoor play and help kids develop skills in risk taking and decision making.

According to Standards Australia the changes will make playgrounds more fun, stimulating and exciting.

"One of the joys of Australian childhood is being outdoors racing around and having fun with your friends in playgrounds. Far from wrapping kids in cotton wool, this standard is all about challenging kids and developing important skills for life," said Dr Bronwyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Australia.

Following an extensive public consultation process, Standards Australia has published Playground Standards, AS 4685 Parts 1 to 6, which is an adoption of the European Standard for Playground Equipment with some minor deviations that take account of specific Australian safety and design requirements such as higher UV exposure.
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Child care person in the spotlight
This week we introduce you to TASK (The After School Klub) an outside school hours care service operating in the high demand area of Sydney's Inner West. TASK was set up by local parents, Madi Morrison and Suzanne who identified an unmet demand for after school care and were able to plug that gap.

What is your full name (please include any nicknames you have been christened with by the children) and age?

Our full name is The After School Klub or TASK. Children who attend our sessions are called TASKers. We had our first birthday last week and boy are we growing up fast.

Which centre do you work in? How many staff and children are in the centre?

TASK operates at two primary schools in the afternoons - Stanmore Public and Wilkins Public and there are 170 children attending from K-6 TASK every week. We have 60 TASKers at Stanmore and 110 at Wilkins. On any one afternoon we have between 2 and 4 staff. TASK also runs holiday programs for primary-school aged children.
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