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July 1, 2014
Welcome, this week meet Brendan McAssey the CEO and Founder of child care success story Only About Children. We also learn about the changes in store for Budget Based Funding service providers.
Brendan McAssey
CEO - Only About Children
This week meet Brendan McAssey the CEO and Founder of child care success story Only About Children.

What is your role within Only About Children, what does this entail and what is your professional background?

I'm Founder and CEO of Only About Children, a role I have been in for the past 12 years. As CEO, I am constantly looking at the future of child care in Australia and ensuring that we constantly upgrade our offering to provide the absolute best in early education and care. Following a career in finance, the opportunity arose to move wholly into the child care sector, an area I value as crucial to each individual child and family that chooses child care. Bringing my vision, passion and experience to creating a high quality and financially sustainable model of childcare has been rewarding and continues to inspire and drive me.

Please tell me a little about Oac's background and history.

Over the past 12 years, Oac has grown to become one of Australia's leading child care providers, which a current portfolio of 31 centres in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We have concentrated our efforts on delivering quality 21st century child care that includes educational and developmental focus to over 4,000 families. We have added sight, hearing and speech screening to our list of services through the Oac Health team and now have a staff of over 600 employees across our admin office and campuses.
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Move towards NQF for BBF services
Budget Based Funded (BBF) child care services will be required to progressively work towards meeting the quality standards required under the NQF under a Government decision to action the recommendations of a recent review of BBF services.

340 BBF services across Australia currently deliver child care, early learning and outside school hours care in rural and remote areas where it might not otherwise be viable. About 66 percent of children attending BBFs are Indigenous.

Unlike most child care services, most BBF services are not currently required to comply with the mandatory quality standards set by the NQF and Assistant Minister for Education Ms Sussan Ley said she was concerned this would create a two-tier system of care.

"In recent decades, BBF services have provided important support for communities where traditional child care services haven't been viable or available," Ms Ley said.
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