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Child Care Industry News
August 5, 2014
Welcome, this week learn about the ECA's new Digital Business Kit for the early childhood sector and some cool Father's Day craft ideas.
Digital business kit launched
Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has developed and launched a new Digital Business Kit for Early Childhood to help child care managers, educators and staff as well as families understand the possibilities and impacts of digital technology.

The ECA says that high speed broadband along with new tools and technologies are changing the way families, children, communities and businesses connect with each other, and says the early childhood sector needs to keep up with the rapid changes.

"Many tools and technologies already exist that can improve how the early childhood sector engages with children and families and conducts business. Many more tools and technologies will emerge over the next few years," says the ECA website.

To equip the early childhood sector with the information and resources necessary to keep up with the rapid changes the ECA has developed and launched the early childhood kit- Getting up to speed- in conjunction and with support from the Australian Government.

The kit includes tip sheets, profiles, online guides, videos and web links. To check out the early childhood Digital Business Kit then use the navigation bar to the left of the screen to explore the modules.
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Father's day gift ideas
In Australia Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. Help the children in your service celebrate this special day with a secret home made gift project.

Paperweights An easy activity for all age ranges and can be scaled up or down in complexity accordingly.

Handprint poems Print off enough copies for each child in your class and allow them to decorate to their heart's content. The heartfelt words will melt the heart of every dad.

Tissue paper fish A lovely collage which offers lots of opportunities for textural experiences.

Photo frame The foam frames used in this activity can be bought from craft and $2 dollar stores and can be decorated with all the usual bits and bobs found in child care environments.

DAD photo frames Younger kids will need help with the letter formation but should be able to do all the decorating themselves. Use photos taken during the week to decorate for extra impact.

Loose change tray A quick and easy activity which can be done last minute.

Photo coaster Use old CDs/DVDs and create a personalised drink coaster.

Handprint photo frames A bit messy and more equipment intensive but this significant project results in a genuine keepsake which even the youngest kids can get involved in.

Portrait cards Provide a template head and let the children draw a picture of their dad for use on a card.

These craft ideas were originally sourced on,, and
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