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April 29, 2014
Welcome this week hear from PhD student Ruth Wallace who has developed a fantastic new online resource for early childhood services which focus on improving nutrition and includes a wealth of inspiring ideas. Also download a range of fact sheets designed to promote better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care.

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This week we are delighted to offer you an article by PhD student Ruth Wallace who has developed a unique online resource for early childhood educators and carers interested in learning about promoting excellent nutrition in early childhood settings.

The SNACWA website is available to services across the country and you simply need to fill in a quick registration form to access the resources.

Supporting Nutrition for Australian Childcare

by Ruth Wallace

Early childhood is an important time for growth, and nutrition in particular plays an essential role in a child's physical, social and emotional development, contributing significantly to good health as an adult. As more than 1 million children now attend some form of early years service, this sector is an important setting, not only for the provision of nutritious foods, but also for the child to learn healthy food habits which will remain with them through to adulthood.

However, research has shown that, for a number of reasons, providing nutritious food and promoting a healthy eating environment is not always an easy task for early years educators. WA research from the mid-1990s established a need for more training and support for the early years industry and from this, the Start Right Eat Right accreditation scheme was implemented. However, whilst running successfully for a number of years in WA and then SA, the scheme lost government funding after the introduction of the National Quality Standards, and is no longer operational.
new + improved
SNAICC factsheets

Improving ECEC outcomes for indigenous children

The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) has released a series of factsheets for early childhood education and care services to plug the information gap on Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander early childhood needs, address current funding concerns and explain what needs to happen to improve early childhood outcomes for Indigenous children in care moving forward.

The factsheets can be downloaded which offer excellent advice for services seeking to improve the way they deliver ECEC programs to Indigenous children.

The four factsheets cover the areas SNAICC has identified as the most important for improving outcomes for Indigenous children.

Fact Sheet 1 - Early Childhood Education and Care: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Fact Sheet 2 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Education and Care: Evidence of what works and what doesn't

Fact Sheet 3 - Non-mainstream and mainstream Early Childhood funding: Understanding the Differences

Fact Sheet 4 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early years funding: The Need For Change
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