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Welcome, fundraising is an ongoing project for most early childhood education and care services. This week some ideas on how to make your fundraising activity healthy and profitable.
Healthy fundraising
Why chocolates are so last year
healthy-fundraisingMost early childhood education and care providers conduct regular fundraising activities to plug the financial gap between what is earned through fees and what they spend.

Traditional fundraising promotions involve asking children to sell copious boxes of chocolate and lollies to their friends and families. Although these activities are undeniably popular with children they may send conflicting messages about what your service actually stands for and your internal policies and procedures relating to nutrition and eating habits.

Thankfully there are plenty of healthy options available to early childhood education and care providers wanting to do things are little differently.

Why is healthy fundraising the way forward?
  • It sends consistent messages about what your service stands for and reflects the health policies, practices and philosophy of your service.
  • It enables your service to send the message that it values the health of the community and acknowledges your service's role as a positive role model for children and families and the wider community.
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Enhancing gardening
Helping children enjoy the garden
gardeningThe majority of Australian early childhood education and care services are fortunate enough to have an outside area and many also have a garden which the children are able to be involved with. To read how easy it is to establish a garden in your service click here.

Gardens are magical places for children, filled with opportunities for exploration, physical activity and new experiences. Digging in the dirt, pulling out weeds, watching bees at work and touching, tasting and feeling fruits and veges pulled from a patch are rich experiences for preschoolers.

Sharing the experience with children and encouraging them to fully explore the delights of a simple garden can instill a life long interest passion and appreciation in children and is a fairly straightforward undertaking.

In the Early Childhood Australia publication Everyday Learning Together in the Garden author Lyn Bower says that through gardening children learn:
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