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Welcome, this week the director of Platinum Preschool in Randwick, Jo O'Brien shares her views on why we need the NQF and we have some fun winter craft ideas. It's also your last chance to let us know what you think about this newsletter.
Why we need the NQF
By Jo O'Brien - Director Platinum Preschool Randwick NSW

Jo O'BrienWhen the team at asked me to give my opinion on the implementation of the National Quality Framework and the assessments and ratings process from the perspective of a centre director, whose centre is yet to be rated, I jumped at the chance.

I am a great believer in constant reflection on practices and performance. My business partner and I opened the doors of Platinum Pre School in 2010, and being primary school teachers, looking for suitable pre schools for our own daughters, we were motivated to create an environment with a strong focus on education and school readiness in the early years.

Platinum is a centre, with a clear understanding of the social, emotional and academic skills that children need to successfully transition into the primary school world. We endeavor to balance these essential skills to develop a love of learning in the formative years of our students. Starting with 13 children on opening in 2010, we now have two centres (a 70 place and 40 place) with over 1,300 children on our waiting list.

We take an approach to early education that is different to the centres around us. This does not mean that the foundations and values of our approach is any better or worse than the other 5,800 long day care services across Australia¹. However, it is unquestionable that an industry as large as ours, with such a huge responsibility to the future generations of Australia must be measured, must be meeting certain minimum standards, and most of all, must be constantly reflecting on our principles and practices.

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Winter craft ideas

Winter craft ideasThere is definitely a chill in the air and these short dark days provide the perfect excuse to increase the number of craft activities available in your program. We hope these winter themed projects will help to stir up your creative juices.

Tissue Paper Snowflakes - the simplest version of paper snowflakes, great for younger children.

Large Snowflakes - these are made from paper folded into a fan and then snipped.

Handprint snowflakes - who doesn’t like finger painting? This project is a great excuse to get messy

No glue glitter snowflakes - the last in our snowflake series, offers kids the opportunity to add some bling to their snowflake.

Snow man - while most Aussie kids won’t see snow this winter the snowman is still the ultimate symbol of winter.

Penguin masks - turn your kids into a happy gaggle of squawking penguins using this simple activity

Scrunchy penguins - another penguin project which uses crumpled up balls of crepe paper and lots of glue to glorious effect.

Foot print penguins - kids trace around the sole of their foot to create the body of this cute little penguin.

Winter collage - use lovely old twigs and cotton wool balls to create a wintery scene.

Hot chocolate - great for kids of all ages, this project will leave all the kids with a permanent mug of hot chocolate in their hands.

These craft ideas were originally sourced on, and

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