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Welcome, has a parent ever asked you not to let their child nap or to wake them early? Read our article to learn how to manage this situation. Also a reminder on how to manage colds and 'flu plus learn how to maximize the benefits to be gained from reading out loud.
Reading out loud
The tricks of the trade

readingAll early childhood educators and carers understand and appreciate the importance of reading aloud to children regularly and from as young an age as possible.

But while some children relish the opportunity to sit down and listen to a wonderful story being imaginatively read by an engaged educator for others it is torture and can lead to a disruptive experience for everyone.

American Author Jim Trelease has written a great book called The Read Aloud Handbook which offers a range of tips and tricks for early childhood educators seeking to maximize the benefits and enjoyment to be gained from reading aloud to children.

Jim has written a very practical list of key Do's and Don'ts for reading aloud. A list of his key ideas are summarised below:

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To wake or not to wake?
What to do when parents ask you sack the sleep

wake upNaps are an important part in promoting health and wellbeing for children in early childhood education and care environments. They offer growing bodies the chance to recharge, regenerate and recuperate and ensure young children have the energy to manage a busy afternoon in care.

There are no laws which dictate how child care providers should offer naps and there are no guidelines or frameworks to determine whether children should be woken from a nap, how long they should be permitted to sleep and whether they can be denied a sleep altogether if that is what a parent requests.

Under National Quality Standard 2.1 each child's health is promoted. Element 2.1.2 states that providers are required to ensure: Each child's comfort is provided for and there are appropriate opportunities to meet each child's need for sleep, rest and relaxation.

This is all very good and well but doesn't stipulate what a provider should do if a parent asks them to wake their child up at a certain time or requests that they don't let a child sleep at all as they believe it is affecting their child's ability to sleep through the night.

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Strategies for success: colds and 'flu

Colds and fluMost children, whether in care or not, sport a runny nose at this time of year and most educators spend the whole day with a tissue in hand ready to catch the never ending drips.

While child care services may never be able to eradicate colds and 'flu completely there are a number of steps which can reduce their spread. This article will hopefully serve as a reminder of the best ways to keep the dreaded lurgy at bay.


Infection control requires child care services to break the four step cycle of infection spread as described below:

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