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Your child care reminder list for the holidays
Have you re-enrolled for January?
2016 brings a new school year and new enrolments into child care services, pre-schools and schools. Generally speaking, each year is treated separately in early childhood services and there are no rollovers, so it's important to note that you can't be complacent over child care places, even if you've already got one.

Don't miss out on your child's care for next year by forgetting to get those forms in. For Long Day Care, Family Day Care and Out of School Hours Care, there is likely to be a waiting list of parents behind you ready to grab your spot and for some services there is no official rollover policy to keep your place for the following year. The only way to guarantee your spot is to officially re-enrol or enquire with your preferred service to check on your child's position.

Most child care facilities do close down for some of the holiday period and many will have already sent out notes to parents advising of enrolments or re-enrolments for the next year.

If you have not yet received anything, it's worth asking in case it's been lost in transit or is at the bottom of your child's bag.

Don't forget to get your child vaccinated

Unless you have medical exemption, under the new No Jab, No Play ruling, children will not be enrolled into any formal education services – school, child care, family day care, pre-school or any other form of approved child care – unless they have proof to show they are:
  • fully immunised for their age OR
  • on a vaccination catch-up program OR
  • unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.
'Conscientious objection' is not an exemption under the 'No Jab No Play' legislation.

Book your Christmas / New Year babysitter now

Christmas parties have already started for some people and to ensure you have the chance to get out this festive season without the kids, you better book that babysitter now while there are still some left!

Hourly rates are the same as usual if you book through an agency, but you will generally have to pay a higher booking fee – between $25 and $35 – for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve/New Year's Day. However, they should not charge higher rates for non-public holidays.

While your friend's teenage daughter or local babysitter may seem to be a bit cheaper, she may also let you down at the last minute when a more exciting offer comes along!

Often private babysitters also hike up their rates considerably for Christmas and New Year with some families paying around $50 per hour for New Year's Eve! However, if you do book through an agency you'll get a professional, reliable babysitter who will turn up, so it's worth a few extra dollars to make sure your special night goes ahead without a hitch.

Book a babysitter through our easy online booking service, which uses reputable agencies with police checked, vetted and referenced, professional babysitters and nannies.
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