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April 8, 2015
A new proposal which will instigate minimum working hours in order to access child care subsidies means up to 100,000 mums could be forced to give up their part time work. We look at how the new work/study requirements might affect working mums. If you're struggling with ideas for healthy lunch boxes, we've got some great tips from the Heart Foundation's Healthy Lunchbox LifeSavers. And don't forget to take our child care survey - your opinion really matters.
New proposal for minimum work/study hours for rebate

Will this mean mums lose touch with their career?

A key consultation meeting between Social Services Minister Scott Morrison and childcare sector providers and experts last week aimed to discuss an increase in working hours in order to access child care subsidies as one of the components of Morrison's new child care package.

The potential change in eligibility requirements is a result of a recommendation by the Productivity Commission's Inquiry into Child Care and Early Learning and could mean that parents will have to work for 24 hours a fortnight to access childcare funding.

However, thousands of mums and dads with small children work less than the required 24 hours a fortnight to keep in touch with their jobs/careers and make going back to work easier and rely on the child care rebate to enable them to do so.
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Lunchbox ideas for healthy hearts and minds
It's that time of year, post Easter, when you're in the aftermath of the chocolate frenzy and have already run out of ideas for healthy lunch boxes for the new term.

Apart from the issues of obesity and cavity-filled teeth that we need to avoid, healthy eating habits are very important for brain development and concentration, but they're also vital for young children to avoid issues relating to heart disease - both in childhood and later in life.

Did you know that heart disease is the biggest killer of children in Australia? It accounts for 30% of all childhood deaths. The Heart Foundation recognises that heart healthy habits are formed in early years and set the scene for a long and healthy life. So it's important for parents and carers to be a positive role model when it comes to eating healthier and being more active.
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