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March 19, 2014
Easter's late this year but it still seems to come around frighteningly fast. Have you booked your Easter vacation care? If you're new to this school/child care holiday game, then we have a few options for you. But book now before it's too late. Our Mum in profile this month is the gorgeous Aussie/Kiwi actress Simone Kessell. This naturally healthy and beautiful mum is currently on our screens in Channel Nine's series Fat Tony & Co.

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Vacation care
Get in quick for Easter
Seems like we're just back from the long summer hols and suddenly the Easter holidays are looming. Where does the time go.

The Easter holidays are particularly tricky for parents to negotiate time off. Everyone's just got back into the swing of things post summer holidays. And there's no festive shutting down of the office for any more than the obligatory Good Friday and Easter Monday.

In fact they're quite likely to be two weeks of rubbish weather with housebound small children who've eaten too much chocolate. Hurray.

So if your child's day care centre or family day care closes over the holidays, or if you have young children at school, then get that vacation care place booked as soon as you can.

If this is your first year on the work/child care or work/school rat race then here are your options:
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Mum in profile Simone Kessell
Originally from New Zealand, Simone Kessell is an acclaimed Australian actress, model and television presenter, who has also worked and lived in the USA. She is currently on our screens in Channel Nine's production of 'Fat Tony & Co' and in the soon to be released feature film 'Singularity', starring Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell.

She is currently the face of organic yoghurt brand, Jalna and Natural Beauty Ambassador for Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. Simone lives in Bondi, Sydney with her husband, Australian film director Gregor Jordan and her two children Jack and Beau.

C4K: Your work must be fairly unpredictable. How do you manage child care and parenting?
Managing child care, parenting and working can be testing at the best of times. You have to be really organized, that's the key. When I am not working that's when my husband and I tag team it to get things done. I have help one day a week so we can go on a date. When I'm working it's easier to hire someone full-time. The life of an actress can be very inconsistent, so extra help is always needed.

C4K: Did you take time out of work when you had your two children?
When I had Beau last year I took a year off acting. This was for obvious reasons, but I also wanted to dedicate my time to him and having a baby. I didn't want to rush this; it's a once in a lifetime experience. I am lucky to be able to do this. I feel for mums who have to go back to work straight away. I went back when Beau was 5 months old and it was tough. I was shooting a TV show in Melbourne (Fat Tony & Co) and pumping (expressing) milk in the actors' green room. It was far from glamorous. I would fly back up to Sydney each night or the next day. That was exhausting when I look back on it.
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