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February 26, 2014

A recent amusing response by a father to a child care questionnaire went viral around the world. And humorous as it was it did beg the question, are we putting too much pressure on ourselves and our babies?

This month's mum in profile is the lovely Shelley Craft, Channel Nine host of The Block. Shelley lets us in on how she juggles life as a busy TV presenter with motherhood.
Is there too much pressure on families?

by Sophie Cross

Recently a story went around the world via Reddit and Facebook and was reported on by NBC's TODAY in the USA. The story was simply a humorous comeback by an Australian father of an 11-month-old girl to the questionnaire he received from his daughter's child care centre.

The questionnaire asked for responses to questions regarding the child's likes dislikes, habits, talents, hopes and dreams. And this is where it all got rather silly and the tongue-in-cheek reply by the father was highly amusing.

As published on TODAY Moms, following an interview, the father listed his daughter's strengths as "rapid digestion" and yodeling, while her goals were world peace and to "open every drawer everywhere".

The father's comical answers on behalf of his daughter became an Internet sensation after his friend posted it on Reddit.
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Mum in profile Shelley Craft
Shelley Craft is one of Australia's best known TV presenters, made famous in her role as host on Saturday Disney and The Great Outdoors before changing to Channel Nine to front up Australia's Funniest Home Videos, Domestic Blitz and The Block. She and her husband, cameraman Christian "Serge" Sergiacomi live in Byron Bay with their two little girls, Milla and Eadie and new puppy, Aldo.

C4K: What's a typical day for you and your family when you're filming?
This season of The Block I tried to make sure I didn't spend too many nights away. There really is no such thing as a typical day, but it goes a little something like this. 0430 wake up, do my hair and make up; 0515 leave house, drive to airport; 0630 flight to Melbourne; 0900 arrive on location, shoot till 2100, check in for flight 2200 – land 2400 drive home. Sleep…

Meanwhile back at the ranch, 0700 girls wake, brekkie, Christian gets them ready for daycare, 0900 drop off, collect at 1700, playtime with Aldo (the puppy) 1800 dinner, 1900 bath, 1930 – 2000 bed.

C4K: You and Christian are quite the team, but do you have other child care help when necessary and how does this work for you?
The girls both love daycare. This year Eadie is going 3 days a week and Milla is in for 5 at this stage. When I know what my next block schedule is, I will be able to reassess.
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