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February 12, 2014
If Valentine's Day has caught you unawares as it always does after a long summer and the back to school/back to work chaos, then we have a last chance reminder to get your babysitter booked online to give yourself a night off on your own or with your partner. But if you're staying in, then Babe Scott, Australian author and mum, aka The Lazy Hostess has a great menu to ensure your Valentine's Night In is a little bit special. Happy Valentines' Day.
Valentines' day

A great excuse for a night out

Valentines' Day is just around the corner. Even if you don't believe in all that Hallmark Valentine stuff, the day does fall just after a hectic Christmas and summer holiday period, so if there's ever a time when parents need an excuse for time out, then Valentine's Day is that time, so get that babysitter booked.

You need peace of mind when looking to engage a babysitter, so if you have to employ someone you don't know, you should go for babysitters who are screened and referenced.

That's why all babysitters listed on® are represented by reputable babysitting agencies. This means the babysitters have been subject to that babysitting agency's policy for reference and background checks and retained as a result.

You don't have to pay a membership fee - you just pay a few extra dollars for your booking and for your peace of mind.

Go to the babysitter search now to book your sitter and make it a DATE NIGHT.

Happy Valentines' Day
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Seduction by steak

Put romance back on menu with the lazy hostess

Valentine's Night is the biggest date night of the year, and when you're a mum, romance can take a bit of a backseat sometimes. So this year, forget about the shopping lists, the laundry and your offspring, and put love back on the menu with the help of The Lazy Hostess.

You want to get your significant other salivating, but you don't want to stress or slave over a hot stove. No need to fret, Aussie author and working mum Babe Scott, aka The Lazy Hostess, has created a simple, seductive menu that will make your hubby hungry for more.

So farm the kids out for the night and put on some mood music. Babe Scott also has a Va-Va-Voom Valentine's Playlist on her website to help you with some tempting tracks.

Don't be upstaged by your menu, make sure you dim the lights and make an effort to look like a minx. It's also a good idea to make it a rule not to talk about the kids or household tasks and focus on flirting with one another.

Remember to tell your spouse "I love you" and if the words feel a little forced, then just pretend you're saying it to the wine. Retire your flannelette PJs for the night and make sure you have a sexy nightie handy. A slash of siren red lipstick, some roses and candles will complete the scene for seduction. It's time to get your sexy mama on.
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