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April 9, 2014
Welcome, there is a huge need for employers to update their office culture to reflect the need for flexibility in working parents. We take a look Vodafone's ground-breaking flexibility study and how the company changed its culture to the benefit of its employees and its bottom line. We also look at the issue of scratching in pre-school. Do you have a little scratcher? Our article will help you get through this difficult but very common developmental stage.
Workplace flexibility

Why aren't more companies on board?

Vodafone UK recently launched its The Flex Factor report, which looks at the potential benefits for individuals, companies and the country from adopting better ways of working.

The conclusions reached were pretty dramatic in terms of the actual economic value to companies and industry. Which is great considering often it's businesses who put the kibosh on flexible working given they think that productivity will be decreased.

The report shows, using conservative calculations, that flexible working can have very positive effects on the bottom line: Better ways of working would save the average employee five productive hours a week, which works out, in average salary terms, to around £4,200 per employee per year. Employers would also save £650 per employee on the cost of the desk space they occupy and £100 on printing.

The report estimated that the UK as a whole would gain £6.9bn a year in working hours gained, and save £1.2bn a year on the cost of all that desk space and printing costs.

What this report also showed is that changing the way people work can boost motivation, increase wellbeing and lead to vast improvements in customer service.
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Ooh scratch your eyes out

What to do with a toddler who scratches

by Sophie Cross

The other day a friend turned up at my house with her three small children, my friend covered in scratches. She hadn't had a fight with her cat or anyone else's, but said her 2½ year old daughter had been scratching her…

And not just her.

If you've got a toddler he or she is bound to be biting, hitting, pushing or scratching at the moment. It goes along with fighting, screaming uncontrollably and flinging their heads back on hard surfaces.

Biting is slightly harder to achieve on the spur of the moment, although many manage it quite successfully! Scratching on the other hand can be done at lightning speed and with pinpoint accuracy, inflicting surprising harm with those tiny little nails on both adults and other children.
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